Have you ever had a tattoo disaster or need to fix your eyebrow/lip tattoo?

Saline tattoo removal has been the most popular option amongst makeup tattooists for safely and effectively lightening cosmetic tattoos and removing tattoo ink. 


Saline removal is a non-laser option to remove tattoos. We tattoo a highly concentrated amount of salt into the skin which is then removed externally instead of internally. This allows the pigment particles to be released from a scar rather than to be excreted through the human waste system. 


Achieving desired results depend on many factors. How old is the tattoo? Was it microbladed or machine tattoo? What type of ink was used? Are you trying to remove the tattoo completely or just lighten enough to then tattoo something different? Is it a Cosmetic Tattoo or Body Art Tattoo?


If you would like to find out 'roughly' how many sessions your tattoo would take to lighten or remove, please book in for our free consult so we can discuss options, treatment plan and how many sessions you could possibly be looking at. 


Please note, tattoo removal is not possible if you are pregnant, breastfedding or have a bleeding disorder.

Saline Tattoo Removal  | $199

Tattoo techniques combined with advanced technology to implant Saline into the area in question, resulting in a more lightening and/or remove existing Tattoo 

1st session – $199

 Consecutive sessions – $150

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